What is Baby Buff Adventures?

  • Baby Buff Adventures is a P2E 2D side-scroller set in the Buff Wild Fantasy World. You play as a baby buffalo who can use a variety of

    attacks. Different levels include an assortment of enemies, NPC’s, Bosses, and jump puzzles.

What network/platform is Baby Buff Adventures on?

  • BBA is on the Radix Network. Currently, BBA is a browser based HTML 5 game. There will be a downloadable application for PC and an App

    for IOS and Android in the future.

How does the leaderboard work?

  • When you enter the website you log in with your wallet address. When you start the game you input your name. This makes tracking the community a lot easier.

    The following stats are recorded: Score, Enemies Slain, and Time.

How do you earn in Baby Buff Adventures

  • Every week 5,000,000 $CREW is distributed to the leaderboard. The higher your placement, the more $CREW you earn.
  • A wallet can only receive distribution once a week.
  • Only wallets owning a Genesis Buff or a Faction Chest Buff can receive distribution.